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Digink allready exists in two short movies of one minutes each. THey are included in the Juggling Films project and can be downloaded.

Digink is also a project of a 20min short movie with this absurd character evolving in a graphic and incoherent univers.

With Guillaume Martinet... and surely some other jugglers.

The first short movie received the Prix du jury of the Juggilng in pictures Festival in 2011.

I'm looking for a production interested in this project.
Digink is made woth the technique of rotoscoping. The footage are firt shot with actors-jugglers. Then, the animation is made drawing from these images.
This technique of rotoscoping keep both the movement authenticity and the juggling performance. Also, it gives me total liberty to animate the movement and to create a non-logic univers.

To elaborate this project, I need to use methodes from living show and from cinema. I'm looking for some residencies to write the juggling material and the body performance.
I wish to make some resarches on the animaiton.

When I finish the residencies, It'll be time to start the shooting and the animation.

Please contact me for more informations.

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